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ARC-170 box

ARC-170 Box

The ARC-170 is the Galactic Republic's mainstay heavy starfighter. Equipped torpedoes allow this intimidating craft to smash through foes that might repel the Republic's more lightly armed ships, while its rear gunner makes it difficult to approach from most angles. Whether defending the flanks of a formation or giving support to a Jedi General, the ARC-170 has an imposing presence on the battlefield.

With the ARC-170 Starfighter Expansion Pack, you can bring a single ARC-170 starfighter to your X-Wing battles. Alongside the beautifully painted ARC-170 miniature, you'll find six clone pilots ready to fly for the Republic as well as 14 upgrade cards giving you the freedom to add additional heavy weaponry, gunners, and crew members to your ship.  

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ARC-170 Spread

ARC-170 Contents Spread

Ships Edit


Ship tokens are dual sided and have the following front/back combinations:

  • "Odd Ball" / Squad Seven Veteran
  • "Wolffe" / Squad Seven Veteran
  • "Jag" / 104th Battalion Pilot
  • "Sinker" / 104th Battalion Pilot


Astromech Edit

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Gunner Edit

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Talent Edit

Torpedo Edit

Tokens Edit

  • Charge Tokens (x5)
  • Calculate Tokens (x2)
  • Critical Hit Token
  • Disarm Token
  • Focus Tokens (x2)
  • Force Token
  • ID Token 15 (x3)
  • Ion Tokens (x3)
  • Lock Tokens 15 (x2)
  • Shield Tokens (x3)
  • Strain Tokens (x2)
  • Stress Token
  • Dial ID Token
  • ARC-170 Starfighter Dial

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