Academy Pilot Pilot Card
Academy Pilot
Faction icon empire
no pilot ability
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade modification

Cost: 22
Hyperspace Legal: Yes
Ship TIEln Fighter
TIE/ln Fighter
Wpn Agl Hull Shd
Icon arc standard front2 3 3 0
Icon action focus
Icon action evade
Icon action barrel roll
Size S • Size small
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade modification
Dial Code
Maneuver Chart
Maneuver tie ln fighter

An Imperial Academy was a military training program run by the Galactic Empire, and primarily focused on training both the enlisted and officer corps of the Imperial Military. read more

Card Text Edit

The Galactic Empire uses the fast and agile TIE/ln; developed by Sienar Fleet Systems and produced in staggering quantity, as its primary starfighter.

Availability Edit

Alternative Art Edit

  • Availability: X-wing Second Edition Launch Party Quick Build Battle
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