X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

The Activation Phase is the third phase of a round. During this phase, each ship activates, one at a time, starting with the ship with the lowest initiative and continuing in ascending order.

Each ship activates by resolving the following steps in order:

  1. Reveal Dial: The ship’s assigned dial is Revealed by flipping it faceup and then placing it next to its ship card.
  2. Execute Maneuver: The ship executes the maneuver selected on the revealed dial.
  3. Perform Action: The ship may perform one action.

After all ships have activated, players proceed to the Engagement Phase.

  • If a player has multiple ships with the same initiative value, that player activates them in any order—finishing the entire activation for one ship before activating another ship of the same initiative value.
  • If multiple players have ships with the same initiative value, player order is used to determine the sequence. The first player activates all of their ships with that initiative value in any order, then the second player activates all of their ships with that initiative value in any order.
  • When a ship activates, if it skips the Reveal Dial step, it cannot resolve any abilities that trigger after the ship reveals its dial.
  • A stressed ship cannot execute red maneuvers or perform actions.
  • If a stressed ship attempts to execute a red maneuver, the ship executes a white forward 2 maneuver instead.


Q: If the difficulty of an action is not stated (such as Lando Calrissian (Rebel, Crew Upgrade Slot)’s unique action or the coordinate action “Vizier” [TIE Reaper] can perform as part of its pilot ability), what is the difficulty of that action?

A: White. However, note that if a ship is instructed to perform an action “on its action bar” this way, it uses the difficulty of the action on its action bar.

Q: If a ship has red evade linked to another action (such as the TIE Aggressor or Attack Shuttle), Debris Gambit (Talent Upgrade Slot) equipped, and is within range of an obstacle, does it treat the linked red evade as white?

A: Yes, Debris Gambit modifies any red evade action on the ship’s action bar, including linked actions.