Asteroids are obstacles that act as hazards that can disrupt and damage ships.

While a ship executes a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an asteroid it rolls one attack die. On a Icon damage hit result, the ship suffers one Icon damage hit damage; on a Icon damage crit result, it suffers one Icon damage crit damage. Then the ship skips its Perform Action step this round. The Adaptive Ailerons maneuver of the TIE/sk Striker and the TIE Reaper is the exception to this, as FFG has explicitly stated that these ships do not skip their Perform Action step after they overlap a ship or asteroid.

While a ship is moving, but not executing a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an asteroid, it executes its move as normal but suffers the same effect as if it executed a maneuver through the asteroid.

While a ship is at range 0 of an asteroid it cannot perform attacks.

While a ship performs an attack, if the attack is obstructed by an asteroid, the defender rolls one additional defense die.


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