Card Text/Abilities[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, manufacturer's warnings are made to be broken.

Rigged Energy Cells: During the System Phase, if you are not docked, lose 1 Charge. At the end of the Activation Phase, if you have 0 Charge, you are destroyed. Before you are removed, each ship at range 0-1 suffers 1 Critical Hit damage.

  • ChargeCharges: 3

Note: Neither the upgrade bar nor the standard ship ability of the Escape Craft are available to the Autopilot Drone.

Errata / FAQ[edit | edit source]

Q: Does the Autopilot Drone [Escape Craft]’s ability trigger if it is destroyed by another method other than running out of charges?

A: No.

  • Rules Reference 1.0.3 (released April 10, 2019)

Availability[edit | edit source]

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