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Designed with an armored hull for extra durability and a bubble turret to keep enemies at bay, the Republic’s BTL-B Y-wing can run escort missions or lead an attack. Piloted by legendary Jedi and dedicated clone troopers, like Anakin Skywalker with his Shadow Squadron, this fearsome bomber performs reliably over any battlefield.

The BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack contains everything you need to add one of these formidable ships to your Galactic Republic squadrons, including a BTL-B Y-wing miniature, eight ship cards, ten upgrade cards, and four Quick Build cards.

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Swz48 spread

Ships Edit

Pilots Edit

Ship tokens are dual sided and have the following front/back combinations:

  • Anakin Skywalker / Shadow Squadron Veteran
  • "Odd Ball" / "Goji"
  • "Matchstick" / R2-D2
  • "Broadside" / Red Squadron Bomber

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Turret Edit

Tokens Edit

  • Calculate Tokens (x2)
  • Charge Tokens (x5)
  • Disarm Token
  • Focus Token
  • Force Tokens (x4)
  • Fuse Markers (x2)
  • ID Token 14 (x3)
  • Ion Tokens (x2)
  • Jam Token
  • Lock Tokens 14 (x2)
  • Shield Tokens (x3)
  • Strain Token
  • Electro-Proton Bomb Token
  • Proton Bomb Token
  • Small Single Turret Arc Indicator
  • Dial ID Token
  • BTL-B Y-Wing Dial

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