• Wazat

    Let's say you have a ship with both  and slots, or you're choosing between ships based on which slot they have.  You want a five-dice munition, and two are available: Advanced Proton Torpedoes (APTs) and Proton Rockets (Prockets).  Which to choose?  After all, some of these differences matter more than others:

    APT Procket
    +Front Arc -Limited to Bullseye
    -Range 1 only +Ranges 1 - 2
    -Requires Lock +Requires Focus
    -Only 1 charge -Only 1 charge
    +Changes a Hit to a Crit -No inherent dice mods
    Cost: 6 1 Cost: 7 1
    -Not Hyperspace-legal 1 +Hyperspace-legal 1

    1 Cost and hyperspace status are as of this writing, and could change soon

    Among these pros and cos, a few tend to matter a lot (range, arc, token), while others (e.g. changing a hit to a crit, one point…

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