Upgrade Name Point Cost Restrictions Atk Str Effect
Autoblasters 3 Unlimited 2 Attack: Range 1-2 If the defender is in your bullseye arc, roll 1 additional die. During the Neutralize Results step, if you are not in the defender's primary arc,  results do not cancel  results.
Heavy Laser Cannon 5 Unlimited 4 Attack: Range 2-3 After the Modify Attack Dice step, change all crit results to hit results.
Ion Cannon 6 Unlimited 3 Attack: If this attack hits, spend 1 hit or crit results to cause the defender to suffer 1  damage. All remaining hit/crit results inflict ion tokens instead of damage.
Jamming Beam 0 Unlimited 3 Attack: If this attack hits, all  hit/crit  results inflict jam tokens instead of damage.
Tractor Beam 4 Unlimited 3 Attack: If this attack hits, all  hit/crit results inflict tractor tokens instead of damage.

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