These cards allow looking at an opponent's dial during the System Phase (after all dials have already been set in the Planning Phase, including yours). This informs the player's decisions during the Activation Phase.

Knowing the opponent's dial helps with choosing re-positions (e.g. Icon action boost and Icon action barrel roll), offensive & defensive actions (like whether to Icon action lock or Icon action evade, which direction to Icon action reinforce, etc), whether to trigger maneuver-change abilities (like Slave I or Seasoned Navigator), and so on.

Looking at a dial only helps lower-Initiative ships (or equal initiative with the First Player token), since you'll automatically see the enemy's dial (and choices) if you activate after them. A higher-Initiative ship can spy for low-init allies, but if your whole team goes after the opponent, this effect isn't helpful (except for Cassian, who has a bonus effect on top of spying).

Name Type Cost Summary of pros/cons
Cassian Andor (Crew) Upgrade crew 6 Rebel-only improvement on Informant. Doesn't work at range 0, but is not tied to a condition, allowing him to pick any ship that's convenient. On top of this, if you guess their maneuver right you can change your own maneuver, allowing you to hedge your bet.
Informant & Listening Device Upgrade crew 5 The basic option, available to all factions and any ship with a crew slot. However it is effect is tied to a condition, forcing you to choose a ship at the start of the game (and the effect is useless once that ship dies).
Sense Upgrade force 5 Force improvement on Informant. Its passive effect is shorter range, but can be expanded to 0-3 by spending a force point, making it the longest-range spy ability. Like Cassian, you don't have to call your target at the start of the game; it works on anyone.
Supreme Leader Snoke Upgrade crew Upgrade crew 13 First Order's improvement on Informant, allowing you to pick one or more enemy dials (as long as you have enough force) beyond range 1 to look at.

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