X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki
Upgrade Name Point Cost Restrictions Effect
Advanced Sensors 13/11/9 unlimited After you reveal your dial, you may perform 1 action. If you do, you cannot perform another action during your activation.
Collision Detector 6 unlimited Charges: 2 While you boost or barrel roll, you can move through and overlap obstacles. After you move through or overlap an obstacle, you may spend 1 charge to ignore its effects until the end of the round.
Fire-Control System 2 unlimited While you perform an attack, if you have a lock on the defender, you may reroll 1 attack die. If you do, you cannot spend your lock during this attack.
Passive Sensors 4/4/4/4/5/6/7 unlimited Charges 1^ ACTION: spend 1 charge. You can only perform this action in your Perform Action step. While your charge is inactive, you cannot be coordinated. Before you engage, if your charge is inactive, you may perform a Calculate  or Target Lock action.
Trajectory Simulator 6 unlimited During the System Phase, if you would drop or launch a bomb, you may launch it using the 5 forward template instead.

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