Card Text/Abilities[edit | edit source]


During the System Phase, you may spend 1 Charge to drop a Cluster Mine using the 1 straight template.

This card's Charge cannot be recovered.

  • ChargeCharges: 1

Detonation[edit | edit source]

A Cluster Mine Set consists of 3 individual Cluster Mine devices.

When a Cluster Mine set is placed, the center Cluster Mine is placed as normal, then the two additional Cluster Mines are placed in the recesses as shown in the "Cluster Mine" image on page 22 of the 1.10 Rules Reference.

After a ship overlaps or moves through any individual Cluster Mine, it detonates. Other Cluster Mines in the set that were not overlapped or moved through do not detonate.

When each of these devices detonates, that ship rolls 2 attack dice. That ship then suffers 1 Hit / Critical Hit damage for each matching result.

Availability[edit | edit source]

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