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Note that during setup, this card can't be equipped with the Commander Malarus (Perfected) side face up. As such, only the Commander Malarus side points count for Squad Building.

Malarus was a human female who served as a commander in the First Order around 34 ABY. She arrested the First Order Security Bureau Agent Terex after he undertook a rogue mission to destroy the Resistance. read more

Card Text/Abilities Commander Malarus

Setup: Equip this side faceup.

While a friendly non-limited ship at range 0-1 performs a primary attack, that ship may reroll 1 blank result. If it does and the attack does not hit, you must flip this card.

Card Text/Abilities Commander Malarus (Perfected)

While you perform an attack, if the defender is in your Bullseye Arc you must convert all Action: Focus results to Hit results and gain 1 stress token. Then, if you have 2 or more stress tokens, suffer 1 Hit damage.


  • First Order


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