X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Coordinate is one of the Actions available in the game.

Pilots can coordinate to assist their allies. When a ship performs the Coordinate action, it coordinates. A coordinating ship is a ship that is attempting to coordinate by performing the following steps:

  1. Measure range from the coordinating ship to any friendly ships.
  2. Choose one friendly ship at range 1–2.
  3. The chosen ship may perform one action.


  • While a ship coordinates, the coordinate fails if no valid ship is chosen.
  • If the chosen ship attempts to perform an action but that action fails, the coordinate does not fail.
  • If an ability instructs a ship to coordinate, this is different than performing a Coordinate action.
    • A ship that coordinates without performing the action can still perform the Coordinate action this round.
    • A ship that coordinates without performing the action may choose a friendly, allied, or enemy ship. If it chooses a ship controlled by a different player, the coordinated ship's controlling player chooses the action the ship performs.