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Damage can be dealt by a number of effects, including attacks, card abilities, and obstacles.

When you suffer damage, it affects shields first. Each shield token cancels one Hit Damage (Icon damage hit) or Crit Damage (Icon damage crit). If you have no shields, you instead receive damage cards: a Hit Damage deals a facedown damage card, while a Crit Damage deals a faceup damage card, and you must follow the damage card's text.

Being dealt a damage card by an effect is not the same as suffering damage. If an effect gives you a facedown or faceup damage card, shields do not block this effect.

Faceup damage cards have special effects that can hamper or a ship or threaten it with more damage, such as Blinded Pilot or Fuel Leak. For a list of all damage cards and their effects, see Damage Cards.

Expose a Damage Card Edit

Exposing a damage card flips a facedown damage card faceup. This is not the same as suffering damage, but its effect (such as exposing a Direct Hit damage card) could deal additional damage.

Repairing Damage Edit

If an effect instructs a player to repair a damage card, they can repair either a faceup or facedown damage card. To repair a faceup damage card, that card is flipped facedown. To repair a facedown damage card, that card is discarded to the damage card discard pile.

Damaged Edit

A ship counts as "damaged" if it has one or more Damage Cards.

Having or losing shields is irrelevant -- only having a damage card counts. For example, a ship that receives a damage card directly (under its shields) from Seyn becomes damaged even though it has all its shields. A B-Wing that suffers 4 damage to its shields does not count as damaged, as it did not receive any damage cards.

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