X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Debris clouds are obstacles that act as hazards that can disrupt and damage ships.

If a ship moves through or overlaps a debris cloud, after resolving its move, the ship is assigned one stress token. It then rolls one attack die. On a Hit result, it suffers one Hit damage. On a Critical Hit result, it suffers one Critical Hit damage.

If a ship ends a maneuver overlapping a debris cloud, it skips its Perform Action step.

While at range 0 of a debris cloud, the ship cannot perform attacks.

While a ship performs an attack, if the attack is obstructed by a debris cloud, the defender rolls one additional defense die.

Huge Ship Effects

After a huge ship overlaps a Debris Cloud, the obstacle is removed from the play area. The huge ship suffers oneCritical Hit damage and gains one stress token.

Then the huge ship continues to resolve its activation. It does not skip its Perform Action step.