X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Some abilities allow a ship to be attached to or ride inside another ship. If a card ability instructs a ship to dock with a carrier ship, the docked ship is placed in reserve. A docked ship is able to deploy from its carrier ship during the System Phase by performing the following steps:

  1. Choose a non-stationary, non-reverse maneuver on the docked ship’s dial.
  1. Using the corresponding template, the docked ship executes the maneuver using the front guides or the rear guides of the carrier ship as if those guides were the docked ship’s starting position.
  2. The ship may perform one action.
  • While a ship is deploying, if the ship would partially execute the maneuver and cannot be placed without overlapping another ship, the ship fails to deploy and stays in reserve.
  • A ship that deploys during the System Phase does not activate during the Activation Phase.

During the System Phase, a ship at range 0 of its carrier ship can dock with it and be placed in reserve. A ship cannot both dock and deploy during the same System Phase. A ship that docks during the System Phase does not resolve its assigned dial or activate during the Activation Phase.

If a carrier ship is destroyed, before the carrier is removed from the play area, any docked ships can Emergency Deploy from their carrier. A docked ship performs an emergency deploy similar to deploying, as described above, except the ship first suffers 1 Critical Hit damage and after executing the maneuver, does not have the opportunity to perform an action.

  • If the docked ship attempts to emergency deploy and must partially execute the maneuver but cannot be placed without overlapping another ship, the ship fails to deploy and is destroyed.
  • If a ship emergency deploys during the Engagement Phase, it can still engage during that phase at its initiative. If its initiative has already occurred this round, it cannot engage this phase.


Deploy example

  • Ships capable of docking can start the game docked. Before the Place Forces step of setup, that player must declare which ships are docked and the ships they are docked to.
  • During the System Phase, the initiative of the ship docking or deploying is used, not the initiative of the carrier ship.