Wpn Agl Hull Shd
Icon arc standard front3 3 3 3
Icon action focus
Icon action evade
Icon action lock
Icon action barrel roll ► Icon action lock red
Icon action boost ► Icon action lock red
Size S • Size small
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade sensorUpgrade torpedoUpgrade astromechUpgrade modification
Ship Ability
Experimental Scanners: You can acquire locks beyond range 3. You cannot acquire locks at range 1.
Dial Code
Maneuver Chart
Maneuver e-wing

The E-wing escort starfighter was a single-pilot starfighter developed by FreiTek Inc. It was the first fighter designed entirely under the support of the New Republic. As designed, the E-wing was intended to match, or exceed, the performance of the preceding X-wing series in nearly every respect, and was originally intended to replace the older design in New Republic service. read more

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