X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki


Electro-Chaff Cloud.png

Electro-Chaff Cloud is a Obstacle that act as a hazard that can disrupt and damage ships. It is deployed via Electro-Chaff Missiles.

If a ship moves through or overlaps an Electro-Chaff Cloud, after resolving its move, The ship breaks all its locks and all locks on it and then is assigned one jam token. It then rolls one attack die. On a Hit or Critical Hit result, the ship is assigned one stress token.

If a ship ends a maneuver overlapping an Electro-Chaff Cloud, it skips its Perform Action step.

While a ship is at range 0 of an Electro-Chaff Cloud, the ship cannot acquire locks and cannot be locked.

While a ship performs an attack, if the attack is obstructed by an Electro-Chaff Cloud, the defender rolls one additional defense die.