The Engagement Phase is the fourth phase of the round. During this phase, each ship engages, one at a time, starting with the ship with the highest initiative and continues in descending order.

When a ship engages, it may perform an attack.

  • After all ships of a given initiative have engaged, all destroyed ships are removed. Then, continuing in descending order, this process continues with all ships of the same initiative engaging and then removing all destroyed ships.
  • If a player has multiple ships with the same initiative, the player engages them in any order, engaging one ship before engaging another ship of the same initiative value.
  • If multiple players have ships with the same initiative, player order is used to determine the order. The first player engages all of their ships of a given initiative before the second player engages all of their ships of that initiative.
  • Disarmed ships still engage even though they cannot perform attacks.
  • Each ship engages only once during this phase.

After this phase proceed to the End Phase.

FAQ Edit

Q: When a ship is destroyed by a game effect triggered with “before engaging,” does it still engage?

A: Yes, because the game has already reached that initiative step, it is not removed until after all ships of that initiative have engaged, per simultaneous fire.

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