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Enhance your squadron options and launch new pilots with the Hotshots and Aces Reinforcements Pack! With upgrades available to all factions and new pilots for numerous ships in the Rebel, Imperial, Scum, Resistance, and First Order factions, you can now add iconic characters like Leia Organa, Captain Phasma, and K-2SO to your squads.

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Ship tokens are dual sided and have the following front/back combinations:

  • Gina Moonsong / Gina Moonsong
  • K-2SO / K-2SO
  • Leia Organa / Leia Organa
  • Alexsandr Kallus / Alexsandr Kallus
  • Fifth Brother / Fifth Brother
  • "Vagabond" / "Vagabond"
  • Morna Kee / Morna Kee
  • Nom Lumb / Nom Lumb
  • G4R-GOR V/M / G4R-GOR V/M
  • Bossk / Bossk
  • Paige Tico / Paige Tico
  • Ronith Blario / Ronith Blario
  • Zizi Tlo / Zizi Tlo
  • Captain Phasma / Captain Phasma
  • Lieutenant LeHuse / Lieutenant LeHuse
  • "Rush" / "Rush"

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  • Calculate Tokens (x2)
  • Charge Tokens (x4)
  • Deplete Tokens (x2)
  • Disarm Tokens (x2)
  • Evade Tokens (x2)
  • Focus Tokens (x2)
  • Force Tokens (x2)
  • ID Token 11 (x3)
  • ID Token 12 (x3)
  • Jam Tokens (x2)
  • Lock Tokens 11 (x2)
  • Lock Tokens 12 (x2)
  • Reinforce Tokens (x2)
  • Strain Tokens (x2)

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