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An advanced patrol vessel developed by the Empire, the Raider-class Corvette is built to strike swiftly and decisively crush the embers of rebellion wherever they can be found. Capable of spewing out salvoes of ordnance or firing focused blasts at any target hapless enough to be caught in its killzone, the Raider is a terrifying opponent on the battlefield.

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add a Raider-class Corvette to either your Galactic Empire or First Order squadrons, including two ship cards and variety of upgrade cards inviting you to outfit your ship with Commands, Teams, Cargo, and potent Hardpoints. You’ll also find everything you need to fly a Raider-class Corvette or any other huge ship, including a huge ship maneuver tool, a huge ship range ruler, a resource tracker, and a huge ship damage deck.

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  • Charge Tokens
  • Ion Tokens
  • Reinforce Tokens
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Huge Ship Damage Deck
  • Huge Ship Maneuver Tool
  • Huge Ship Range Ruler

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