X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

A ship is Ionized while it has a number of ion tokens relative to its size: at least one for a small ship, at least two for a medium ship, at least three for a large ship, and at least six for a huge ship. Ion tokens are red tokens.

During the Planning Phase an ionized ship is not assigned a dial.

During the Activation Phase, an Ionized ship that did not have a dial assigned to it during the Planning Phase activates as follows:

  1. The ship skips its Reveal Dial step.
  2. During the Execute Maneuver step, the ionized ship executes the Ion Maneuver. The ion maneuver is a blue 1 Maneuver: Straight (white) maneuver. The bearing, difficulty, and speed of this maneuver cannot be changed unless an ability explicitly affects the ion maneuver.
  3. During the Perform Action step, the ship can perform only the Action: Focus action.
  4. After the ship finishes this activation, it removes all of its ion tokens.


  • An ionized ship cannot perform any action except the Action: Focus action.
  • Some special weapons inflict ion tokens instead of dealing damage.
  • If a ship becomes ionized after the Planning Phase (and therefore has been assigned a dial) but before it has activated during the Activation Phase, it activates as normal. During the next Planning Phase, if the ship is still ionized, it is not assigned a dial and proceeds with the ion maneuver during the Activation Phase.
  • Since an ionized ship does not have a dial assigned to it and does not reveal its dial, it cannot resolve any effects that trigger after it reveals its dial.