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Jake Farrell was a Human male starfighter pilot who served in the Galactic Republic prior to the Declaration of a New Order. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire at the end of the Clone Wars, Farrell became an instructor for the Empire, but retired from Imperial service after a series of increasingly ruthless missions. He eventually came out of retirement and joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, teaching Rebel pilots the skills needed to fight against the Empire. Known as a top X-wing pilot, Farrell flew a modified R-22 Spearhead during the Battle of Yavin. His experience with the R-22 led to him being selected to help design the new RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, which was based on the R-22. When the first A-wings entered service, Farrell transferred to an A-wing squadron. read more

Card Text/Abilities

After you perform a Action: Barrel Roll or Action: Boost action, you may choose a friendly ship at range 0-1. That ship may perform a Action: Focus action.


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