Kavil was a pirate who led the Kavil's Corsairs pirate group. In the months after the Battle of Endor he became an Imperial privateer through the hope of attaining social promotion for his duties. He was eventually supplanted by Leonia Tavira. read more

Card Text/Abilities[edit | edit source]

While you perform a non-Front Arc attack, roll 1 additional attack die.

Errata / FAQ[edit | edit source]

Q: Does Kavil (Scum, BTL-A4 Y-wing) roll an additional attack die when attacking with a turret weapon when the turret arc indicator is set to his front arc?

A: Yes. Additionally, note that Kavil would roll an additional attack die when performing an attack that specifies bullseye arc, even though the target is also by definition in his front arc.

  • Rules Reference 1.0.3 (released April 10, 2019)

Availability[edit | edit source]

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