X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki
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Note that during setup, this card can't be equipped with the Landing Struts (Open) side face up. As such, only the Landing Struts (Closed) side points count for Squad Building.

Card Text/Abilities (Closed)

Setup: Equip this side faceup.

While you execute a maneuver, if you overlap an asteroid or debris cloud and there are 1 or fewer other friendly ships at range 0 of that obstacle, you may flip this card.

Card Text/Abilities (Open)

You ignore obstacles at range 0 and while you move through them. After you reveal your dial, if you reveal a maneuver other than a 2 Maneuver: Straight (white) and are at range 0 of an asteroid or debris cloud, skip your Execute Maneuver step and remove 1 stress token; if you revealed a right or left maneuver, rotate your ship 90° in that direction. After you execute a maneuver, flip this card.