X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Some ship cards and upgrade cards have limitations. These limited cards are identified by a number of bullets (•) to the left of their names. During squad building, a player cannot field more copies of cards that share that name than the number of bullets in front of the name.

  • For example, if one bullet appears in front of a card’s name, it can be included only once in a squad. Likewise, if two bullets appear in front of a card’s name, it can be included up to twice in a squad.
  • This restriction also applies across card types. For example, if a name has two bullets in front of it, the player could field two ship cards with that name, two upgrades with that name, one ship card and one upgrade with that name, etc.
  • Prior to Wave III, no pilots, upgrades, conditions, or other cards have multiple dots. They are either limited to 1 or unlimited. However, several cards released in Wave III have multiple dots and so are limited 2+.
  • Some cards have a deckbuilding restriction of explicitly Non-Limited. These cards can only be included on ships that are not Limited.


Luke Skywalker has a single bullet next to his name on his ship and gunner cards. You can either field Luke as a T-65 X-Wing pilot, or equip his Gunner card to another ship, but you cannot do both.

Limited Upgrade Cards

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Limited Pilot Cards

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