X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

A Lock (also called a Target Lock) is one of the Actions available in the game.

Ships can lock to use their computer to acquire targeting data on environmental hazards or other ships. When a ship performs a Action: Lock action, it acquires a lock. A locking ship is a ship that is attempting to acquire a lock by performing the following steps:

  1. Measure range from the locking ship to any number of objects.
  2. Choose another object at range 0–3.
  3. Assign a lock token to it with the number matching the ID marker of the locking ship.

An object is locked while it has at least one lock token assigned to it. Lock tokens are red tokens. While a ship has another ship locked, it follows this rule:

  • During the Modify Attack Dice step of a ship’s attack, it can spend a lock token that it has on the defender to reroll one or more of its attack dice.


  • When a ship is instructed to break a lock it has, the lock token corresponding to its ID token is removed.
  • While acquiring a lock, it fails only if there is no valid object to choose.
  • A ship cannot acquire a lock on itself.
  • An object can be locked by more than one ship.
  • A ship can maintain only one lock.
  • If a locking ship already has a lock, before the chosen object would be assigned a lock token, the ship’s former lock token is removed.
  • If an ability instructs a ship to acquire a Action: Lock, this is different than performing a Lock action. A ship that acquires a lock without performing the action can still perform the Action: Lock action this round.
    • If a ship is instructed to acquire a lock, the object it locks must be at range 0–3 unless otherwise specified.