X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

When a ship executes a maneuver, the player uses a template to change the ship’s position. Then, the ship may be affected by the maneuver’s difficulty.

Executing a Maneuver

To move the ship, the player follows these steps:
1. Take the template that matches the maneuver from the supply.
2. Set the template between the ship’s front guides so that it is flush against the base.
3. Pick up and place the ship at the opposite end of the template, sliding the rear guides of the ship into the template.
4. Return the template to the supply.

After moving the ship, the player checks the difficulty (color) of the maneuver.

Maneuver Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty for maneuvers: red, white, and blue.

If the maneuver is red, the ship gains one stress token. If the maneuver is blue, the ship removes one stress token.

A ship is stressed while it has one or more stress tokens. A stressed ship cannot set or execute red maneuvers, and it cannot perform Actions.

Increasing Maneuver Difficulty

If an effect increases the difficulty of a maneuver, a blue maneuver goes to white, and a white maneuver goes to red.

Decreasing Maneuver Difficulty

If an effect decreases the difficulty of a maneuver, a red maneuver goes to white, and a white maneuver goes to blue.

Fully Executing a Maneuver

A ship Fully Executes a maneuver only when nothing prevents the ship from being placed at the end of the template. Even when a ship moves through another ship, which means the template is placed on top of that ship, the moving ship still fully executes the maneuver.

Partially Executing a Maneuver

A ship Partially Executes a maneuver when it is unable to be placed at the end of the template because it would overlap another ship. A ship that only Partially Executes a maneuver would follow the following steps: 1. Move the ship backward along the template until its base is no longer overlapping another ship’s base. While doing so, adjust the position of the ship so that the hashmarks in the middle of both sets of guides remain centered over the line down the middle of the template.
2. Once the ship is no longer on top of any other ship, place it so that it is touching the last ship it backed over. This may result in the ship not leaving its initial position.
3. The ship skips its Perform Action step.

Touching as a result of an Overlap

A ship cannot attack a ship that it is touching because that ship is at range 0.


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