Swz65 munitions-cashe

Munitions Cache

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Obstacles: 6 Obstacles
Upgrades: Cluster Mines, Conner Nets, Ion Bombs, Proton Bombs, Proton Torpedoes, Proximity Mines, Seismic Charges

Setup: Gather the listed upgrades (including Proton Torpedoes from the Core Set) and set them aside.

In player order, players take turns choosing an obstacle and placing it into the play area until all obstacles have been placed.

  • Obstacles must be placed beyond range 1 of each other obstacle and beyond range 2 of each edge of the play area. After each obstacle is placed, place 1 cache (marker) on it

Special Rule: After a ship overlaps an obstacle with a cache (marker), draw 1 upgrade at random from the set-aside upgrades and equip it to that ship (ignoring restrictions). Then remove that cache (marker).

Availability Edit

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