Obstacles act as hazards that can disrupt and damage ships. A ship can suffer effects by moving through, overlapping, or while being at range 0 of obstacles. The effects of an obstacle differ by type:

While a ship performs an attack, if the attack is obstructed by an obstacle, the defender rolls one additional defense die.


  • Obstacles are placed during the Place Obstacles step of setup.
  • A ship that is overlapping an obstacle can still perform actions granted from other game effects.
  • For the purpose of overlapping obstacles, if a ship partially executes a maneuver, only the portion of the template that is between the starting and final positions of the ship is counted. Ignore the portion of the template that the ship moved backward along to resolve the overlap.
  • If a ship moves through or overlaps more than one obstacle, it suffers the effects of each obstacle, starting with the obstacle that was closest to the ship in its starting position and proceeding along the template.
  • Before a ship moves, if it is at range 0 of an obstacle, it does not suffer the effects of that obstacle unless it moves through or overlaps that obstacle again.
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