X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

These are the official play formats that determine which ships are allowed. When playing a game you'll choose one of these formats, and tournaments will specify the format too so players know what they can bring.

Formats standard extended epic.png

On the wiki's ship lists, three ribbons can be displayed to show which play formats allow that ship.


A limited set of ships determined by AMG. Largely amounts to "ships that have been released for 2.0", thoug there are a few exceptions.

Formats standard.png

On the wiki's ship lists, Standard is displayed as a black ribbon with a gold star.


All ships except huge are allowed.

Formats extended.png

On the wiki's ship lists, Extended is displayed as a gray ribbon with a black triangle.


Allows huge ships, wings, and other Epic-only material.

Formats epic.png

On the wiki's ship lists, Epic is displayed as a blue ribbon with a white circle.