Wing Quick Builds define a Wing Leader, who must be present in the build, and a wingmate, which is included a variable number of times, depending on the desired threat level.

Wing Leader Edit

Luke Skywalker (T-65 X-Wing)

Veteran Wing Leader Proton Torpedoes
Instinctive Aim R2-D2 (Astromech/Rebel)
Servomotor S-Foils

Wingmate Edit

Note: The actual card uses a pilot name of Red Squadron Escort, which does not exist. The Epic Rules Reference v1.0.6 erratas this to use the Red Squadron Veteran pilot to be the wingmate.

Red Squadron Veteran

Proton Torpedoes

Total Threat Level Edit

Number of Wingmates Total Threat Level
2x Red Squadron Veteran 8
3x Red Squadron Veteran 10
4x Red Squadron Veteran 12
5x Red Squadron Veteran 14
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