X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Measuring Range

To determine the distance between two objects, X-Wing uses a range ruler. The range ruler is divided into three numbered range bands.

To measure range between two objects, place the range ruler over the point of the first object that is closest to the second object, then aim the other end of the ruler toward the point of the second object that is closest to the first object. While measuring range from ships, measure from the plastic base, not from the miniature.

Attack Range

During an attack, the attack range is determined by measuring range from the closest point of the attacker to the closest point of the defender that is in the attack arc.

  • While measuring range for abilities that do not specify the attack range, the range between the attacker and the defender is measured from closest point of the attacker to the closest point of the defender, ignoring the attack arc.
  • A ship cannot attack a ship at range 0, even if the attack range would be range 1.

Range 0

Two objects (ships, obstacles, devices) that are touching are at range 0 of each other. Likewise, an object is at range 0 of itself. Generally, Ships cannot attack objects at range 0, though some card abilities or Upgrades may allow it.

"At" Range

An object is AT the range that corresponds to the range band that falls over the closest point of the object being measured to.

"Beyond" Range

An object is BEYOND a range if no part of it falls between the object being measured from and the specified range.

Range Bonus

When attacking with a primary weapon, or a special weapon without the ordnance icon, the following range bonus applies:

  • At Range 1: +1 Attack Dice
  • At Range 3: +1 Defense Dice

Ordnance Icon.jpg

Range bonuses are applied for all attacks unless stated otherwise. Some special weapons have a small ordnance icon on them to indicate that range bonuses cannot be applied with attacks using those weapons.

Although the range bonus applies at range 0, a ship cannot normally perform a primary attack at range 0.