X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki
Reinforce tokens.PNG

Reinforce is one of the Actions available in the game.

Pilots can reinforce to angle their deflector shields and increase the defensiveness of a portion of their ship. When a ship performs the Action: Reinforce action, it gains a reinforce token with either the fore or aft side faceup.

A ship is reinforced while it has a reinforce token assigned to it. Reinforce tokens are circular, green tokens. While a reinforced ship defends, if the attacker is inside the full arc specified by the reinforce token and not in the other full arc, the token provides an effect. The attacker needs to be in the defender’s Full Front Arc arc for the fore reinforce token or be in the defender’s Full Rear Arc arc for the aft reinforce token.

Reinforce Example Diagram

During the Neutralize Results step, if the attack would hit and there is more than one Hit/Critical Hit result remaining, one Action: Evade result is added to cancel one result.

  • If the attacker is flanking (is inside both the Full Front Arc and Full Rear Arc arcs), the defender being reinforced provides no benefit.
  • A ship can have more than one reinforce token. If a ship has multiple of the same type of reinforce token, their effects are applied one at a time. Thus, for two reinforce tokens to both apply their effect, there would need to be at least three Hit/Critical Hit results remaining.
  • When a ship gains a reinforce token, unless specified otherwise, the player that controls that ship chooses whether it gains a fore reinforce token or an aft reinforce token.
  • A ship does not spend the reinforce token when resolving its effect.
  • If an ability instructs a ship to gain one reinforce token, this is different than performing a Action: Reinforce action. A ship that gains the token without performing the action can still perform the Action: Reinforce action this round.