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{{Infobox Upgrade|name = Shield Upgrade|type = Modification|ability_text = {{Ship Stat|shield|+1 Shield}}}}
{{Infobox Upgrade|name = Shield Upgrade|type = Modifications|ability_text = {{Ship Stat|shield|+1 Shield}}}}
== Description ==
== Description ==
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== Available Through ==
== Available Through ==
* ''Unknown''
* [[Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit]]

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Shield Upgrade
Upgrade Type: Modification
Cost:  ?
Limited: Unlimited
Card Text/Ability
+1 Shield
Hyperspace Legal: No


Deflector shields are a substantial line of defense on most starships beyond the lightest fighters. While enhancing a ship's shield capacity can be costly, all but the most confident or reckless pilots see the value in this sort of investment.

Card Text/Abilities

  • +1 Shield

Card Artist

  • Lukasz Jaskolski

Available Through

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