Website version of the official squad builder: Squad Builder
IOS version of the official squad builder: X-Wing Squad Builder by FFG
Android version of the official squad builder: X-Wing Squad Builder by FFG

Squad Builder Edit

If players want full control over their pilots and upgrades, they can build squads using squad points. When playing on a 3’x3’ play area, play at a squad-point limit of 200.

To build a squad in this way, players must download the official X-Wing squad-builder on their mobile device or access the squad-builder via The X-Wing squad-builder explains the rules of squad-point building and enforces these rules so that players do not accidentally build illegal squads. The website also includes a printable list of all cards and their squad-point costs and upgrade options.

A printable list of squad points for all ships and upgrades can also be found on the X-Wing Second Edition product page in the Support Section.

Quick Build Edit

In addition to the official online Squad Builder App, players can quickly create their own squads using the Quick Build cards. These cards use a separate, modified set of build rules that allow players to quickly build a squad and start playing, without having to worry about point costs, upgrade slots or deckbuilding restrictions.

To play a match using Quick Build cards, players must agree to a particular threat level. Then both players build a squad by choosing a combination of Quick Build options that add up to that threat level. For a normal game on a 3’x3’ (91 cm) play area, play at threat level eight.

For more information, please see the Quick Build page.

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