X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Good Squad Builders: YASB (web) and Launch Bay Next (web, android app, apple app)

Official Squad Builder is available but is not very reliable and has stopped being updated (the apps above are suggested instead):

Point Buy

If players want full control over their pilots and upgrades, they can build squads using squad points.

To build a squad in this way, players must use a squadron builder app (see above) or the PDFs on AMG's Website. An X-Wing squad-builder like YASB or Launch Bay Next explains the rules of squad-point building and enforces these rules so that players do not accidentally build illegal squads, so it's a good idea to use one but you can build squads manually easily enough. The website also includes a printable list of all cards and their squad-point costs and upgrade options.

A printable list of squad points for all ships and upgrades can also be found on the X-Wing Second Edition product page in the Support Section. However these points change at least twice a year so not many players print them out.

Squad Building

Each player builds a squad by choosing ships whose total squad point cost does not exceed the total defined by the game mode. The squad point total for a standard game is 20 points, with a limitation of three to eight ships.

Each ship in a player’s squad can be equipped with a number of upgrades, based on the ship’s loadout value. Players build a squad using ship cards, upgrade cards, and the following rules and restrictions.


Nearly all game modes limit ships to a specific faction. All ship cards must be from a single faction.

Limited and Solitary Cards

A squad’s cards are restricted by the rules of limited cards and solitary cards.

Ban List

The Ban List is a list of ships and upgrades that are not legal for standard play.

Ships and upgrades on the Ban List cannot be selected during squad building in standard games.

Restricted List

The Restricted List is a list of ships and upgrades that are legal for standard play, with limitations.

During squad building, a total of four ships and upgrades from the Restricted List can be included in a squad. This could be up to four copies of one upgrade or ship or a mix of up to four selections from among all the ships and upgrades on the Restricted List.

Squad Points

Each ship card has a squad point cost associated with it. This value is used during squad building to build lists that are legal for different game modes. A list of all ship card squad point costs is available here.

Upgrades don't cost squad points; instead, each pilot has a Loadout Value for equipping upgrade cards.

Loadout Value

Each ship has a loadout value that determines how many upgrade cards it can equip. This value is used during squad building to build lists that are legal for different game modes. A ship cannot equip more upgrades than its loadout value. A list of all ships’ loadout values is available here.

For example, if a pilot has a Squad Points value of 5 and a Loadout of 13, then it takes 5 of your 20 squad points, and can equip up to 13 points of upgrades. Its squad points don't raise or lower based on how many upgrades you choose to equip: it always takes only 5 squad points to add to your fleet.

Builder Keywords

Some ships have builder keywords. These keywords are required to equip certain upgrades. A list of all ships’ builder keywords is available here.


  • Each ship has an upgrade bar, which is a list of upgrade icons that limit the types of upgrades the ship can equip. A list of all ships’ upgrade bars is available here.
  • Each upgrade card has a cost. The combined cost of all upgrades equipped on a ship cannot exceed that ship’s loadout value.
  • A ship cannot equip more than one copy of an upgrade card with the same name.
  • Some upgrade cards have restrictions listed in their restriction field. These restrictions can refer to faction, ship size, ship types, and builder keywords. Only ships that match the restrictions of an upgrade can equip it.

Loadout Points

Each upgrade card has a loadout point cost associated with it. This value is used during squad building to build lists that are legal for different game modes. A list of all upgrade card loadout point costs is available here.

Quick Build

In addition to the official online Squad Builder App, players can quickly create their own squads using the Quick Build cards. These cards use a separate, modified set of build rules that allow players to quickly build a squad and start playing, without having to worry about point costs, upgrade slots or deckbuilding restrictions.

To play a match using Quick Build cards, players must agree to a particular threat level. Then both players build a squad by choosing a combination of Quick Build options that add up to that threat level. For a normal game on a 3’x3’ (91 cm) play area, play at threat level eight.

For more information, please see the Quick Build page.