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TIE/in Interceptor Box

With incredible engine output, a lightweight frame, and precise thrusters for close maneuvering, the TIE/in interceptor is a vessel for the most elite Imperial aces. Only those with nerves of steel can ride the knife’s edge to draw out this craft’s full potential. This includes the ship’s four wing-mounted laser cannons, a dramatic increase in firepower over its predecessors.

The TIE/in Interceptor Expansion Pack gives you the chance to put the legendary Soontir Fel and three other pilots at the controls of this swift and deadly craft. Joining them are five upgrade cards that give these elite pilots even more advantages in the thick of a space battle. Finally, two Quick Build cards provide useful combinations of pilots and upgrades, allowing you to test all of the TIE/in interceptor’s capabilities.

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Pilots Edit

Ship tokens are dual sided and have the following front/back combinations:

  • Soontir Fel / Saber Squadron Ace
  • Turr Phennir / Alpha Squadron Pilot

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Talent Edit

Tokens Edit

  • Critical Hit Token
  • Evade Token
  • Focus Tokens (x2)
  • Ion Token
  • Shield Token
  • Stress Token
  • TIE Interceptor Dial ID Token
  • TIE Interceptor Dial

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