Swz15 a1 ship-image

Ship - TIE Advanced x1
TIE Advanced/x1
Wpn Agl Hull Shd
Icon arc standard front2 3 3 2
Icon action focus ► Icon action barrel roll red
Icon action lock
Icon action barrel roll
Size S • Size small
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade sensorUpgrade missileUpgrade modification
Ship Ability
Advanced Targeting Computer: While you perform a primary attack against a defender you have locked, roll 1 additional attack die and change 1 Icon damage hit result to a Icon damage crit result.
Dial Code
Maneuver Chart
Maneuver tie advanced x1

In designing the starfighters of its TIE line, Sienar Fleet Systems drew heavily on the designs of Kuat Systems Engineering ships such as the V-wing and Eta-2 interceptor. Sienar also experimented with advanced models featuring localized improvements and secret technological breakthroughs, including the TIE Advanced v1 prototype, based on Sienar's Scimitar Star Courier. This prototype led to the TIE Advanced x1, which boasted a hyperdrive and deflector shield generator. A modified early prototype of the Advanced x1 line was flown by Darth Vader himself. read more

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