M3-A Veteran
Tansarii Point Veteran
Faction icon scum
no pilot ability
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade talentUpgrade modification, Upgrade torpedo/Upgrade cannon/Upgrade missile

Cost: 29
Hyperspace Legal: Yes
M3-A Interceptor
Wpn Agl Hull Shd
Icon arc standard front2 3 3 1
Icon action focus
Icon action evade
Icon action lock
Icon action barrel roll
Size S • Size small
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade modification, Upgrade torpedo/Upgrade cannon/Upgrade missile
Ship Ability
Weapon Hardpoint: You can equip 1 Upgrade cannon, Upgrade torpedo, or Upgrade missile upgrade.
Dial Code
Maneuver Chart
Maneuver m3a

Card Text/Abilities Edit

The defeat of Black Sun ace Talonbane Cobra by Car'das smugglers turned the tide of the Battle of Tansarii Point Station. Survivors of the clash are respected throughout the sector.

Availability Edit

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