• Hi Wazat! I really enjoy your thoughtful advice on X-Wing ships so I was wondering if you could give me some advice.  I currently don't have X-Wing 2.0 but I will get it in the near future (specifically the conversion kits because I already have a sizable amount of 1.0 ships). However, will I not be able to mix First Order Expanstions, Galactic Empire Expansions and Galactic Republic Expansions (even though they are all Imperial)?

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    • There are seven factions in the game (see Ships):

      • Empire from first edition has split into Galactic Empire (Darth Vader, TIE/ln Fighters, etc), First Order (Kylo Ren, TIE/fo, TIE/sf, & Friends), and in the case of the Firespray, it's entirely Scum now.
      • Rebel from first edition has split into Rebel Alliance (Luke Skywalker, T-65s, etc) and the Resistance (Poe, T-70s, etc).
      • Plus Scum which has remained largely the same in its ship choices (only adding the Modified TIE).
      • New to the game are the two Clone Wars factions: Galactic Republic (Jedi and ARCs etc) and Separatist Alliance (mainly droids and some sith).

      Some ships are cross-faction: ARC-170, Y-Wing (BTL-A4 only), HWK-290, TIE/ln Fighter, Z-95 Headhunter.  And all the epic ships cover two factions each.

      By normal rules, you can't play a fleet with Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, and/or Darth Vader in the same fleet because they're all different factions now.  That said, in casual play you and your opponent might have fun mixing factions on occasion.  One of my x-wing groups does this as a special scenario sometimes -- we set the rule that each ship has to be valid for its faction (so no first order crew on a rebel or empire ship, for example), and you can otherwise mix ships from different factions in your fleet to your heart's content.  It's less balanced so you'll have to exercise restraint, but it's fun.  You might be able to tell from how I talk all the time, but I'm much more fond of casual over serious/tournament play.  :D  Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, Furball, King of the Hill, Droid Match, Mario Kart... there's lots of casual modes that are a delight.  And FFG created some official ones too!

      All your Empire ships from first edition now belong to either Empire or First Order (or again, Scum for the Firespray).  So you'll want to pick which one to convert if you're not interested in doing both at first.  Likewise there's no overlap with Rebel & Resistance: some of Reble's ships moved to Resistance and they're their own thing now.  All of the factions except for Scum are paired into time periods: Clone Wars/Prequels, Original Movies, and Sequels.  This has allowed FFG to balance the factions more easily, and make them more distinct from one another in design and playstyle.

      The clone wars factions didn't exist in 1.0 so they don't have conversion kits -- you just buy the expansions if you want to invest in them.  That leaves the following conversion kits to consider:

      Most players enter second edition by converting a faction or maybe two, saving anything else they have for later.  If you're pretty invested in Empire, then you can choose which faction would likely be most fun to give a try in 2.0: either First Order or Empire (you may be able to play with someone else's second edition stuff to try the factions out if you can't decide).

      My opinion: Unless you have lots of FO ships, Empire is likely the best bet because you'll get access to a ton of ships and fleet options for just one conversion kit.

      You'll also want to buy one Core Set with your conversion kit(s).

      I hope that helps!

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    • Oh wow! Thank you for that very in-depth explanation! Just curious, how did you get in touch with all of these other X-Wing players? Tournaments perhaps? I really enjoy the game but none of my family members really want to play it with me :(

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    • I found a Facebook x-wing group for my state, which listed when & where players play each week.  For example, the game stores near me play on Thursdays and Fridays.  And that's where they like to announce tournaments and other small events, special scenarios, etc.

      Also since coronavirus is making it hard to get together in large groups, you might be able to arrange smaller get-togethers, or the ability to play online with some friends from facebook, using Vassal, Tabletop Simulator, etc.

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    • Hi,

      Will there be a 2.0 release of the "Heroes of the Resistance" Expansion Pack & the "U-wing" Expansion Pack ???

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    • U-Wing components can be acquired via either Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit (if you already have the model) or the Saw's Renegades Expansion Pack, which has both First Edition and Second Edition cards in it.  There is also a U-Wing pilot (K2SO) in the Hotshots and Aces Reinforcements Pack, a cards-only pack that added more pilots to certain ships across all factions.  Each of these packs offers some different U-Wing pilots, though you can just proxy cards outside of tournaments, so no need to go card chasing and buying packs just for cards.  Saw's Renegades comes with a U-Wing plastic model; the other two are card-only packs.

      By the way, any time you're curious about where a ship, pilot, or other card is available, check its page and look at the Available Through section.  For example, look at the UT-60D U-Wing (or U-Wing for shot) page, which lists the three packs I listed above.  You can then click on the link to see what's in the pack.  Or you can click on a pilot that interests you and see what it's available through.

      As for Heroes of the Resistance... that's a bit more tricky to explain.  Specific packs or pilots aren't necessarily transferred over.  For example, Fel's Wrath (the 1.0 TIE Interceptor pilot) doesn't exist in 2nd edition, and we haven't had a Imperial Veterans pack or equivalent to add more TIE Interceptor pilots.  FFG rebalanced everything mechanically, and not all pilots were pulled over, just enough to make the factions balanced and interesting.  Missing pilots will likely be transferred over eventually though.

      Heroes of the Resistance however DOES already exist in 2nd edition: all its pilots are in the Resistance Conversion Kit.  Burnout SLAM is one thing I noticed isn't in 2.0, probably for balance reasons, for most of that pack is already in the game.  You'll have all those pilots and crew and most other cards when you get the resistance converted.  Or if you don't have many/any resistance ships yet, you might buy individual resistance packs.

      I hope that helps!

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    • Wow thanks! I'm pretty new so I was just wondering if I should hold out for the 2.0 models of those expansions or just buy the 1.0 editions ??? They don't seem to be on the FFG release schedule for this year & I was a bit worried as I heard that FFG were closing some of their depts & I wasn't sure if that would affect future X-wing 2.0 releases ???

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    • A couple of expansions got cancelled because they were a bit redundant and there wasn't much interest in them.  But that said, so far as I know the community is going strong.  Hopefully that'll continue through the coronavirus problems.

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    • wrote: I'm pretty new so I was just wondering if I should hold out for the 2.0 models of those expansions or just buy the 1.0 editions ???

      I would suggest always buying 2.0 edition ships if you can. They are ready to go immediately and don't have any extra stuff you don't need. It's easiest, quickest and the least hassle. But because FFG isn't giving us much info on future releases, you might end up waiting a long time for a particular ship to be released in 2.0.

      If you wanted to buy the 1.0 edition ships, you would (eventually) want to buy a conversion kit for the faction the ship is in. Buying a conversion kit for one ship or a small number of ships might not be very cost effective and I wouldn't recommend it to a new player... Unless that was the only way to get a ship you really like. :)

      That being said, buying a conversion kit and then buying 1.0 edition ships to fill it out is a perfectly good way to fill out a faction. It just takes a bit of hunting for the ships.

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    • Thanks! Was reading up online that there's increased uncertainty with FFG & future product releases for a lot of their licences including X-wing 2.0. See following link:

      I'm just gonna play it safe & pick-up 1.0 models & conversion kits for anything that hasn't even had a 2.0 announcement. 2020 releases are likely to be further delayed because of this damn virus situation.

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    • That article was a good read.  Here's hoping the game remains healthy with these changes; I want to enjoy X-Wing for years to come.

      I hope when the virus problem is over, x-wing enjoys a large revival!

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