• Today's incorrect categories come from the same user IP that bothered us a week ago.  These are not nearly as egregious as before, but it's still frustrating.  I'm not sure if they're misguidedly trying to help, or if it's just a bored kid having fun.

    I guess they're going to keep coming back and we'll have to watch for that, or suspend their IP for at least a week so they notice and have to look at their wall to figure out what gives.  Maybe then they'll see my message?

    I dunno.  It's not a ton of work, but it is extra effort each time they visit, and that's mental energy better spent elsewhere.

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    • At first I though it was just a spammer / bot, and would not have had a problem with a perma IP ban. But the category added to L3-37 (Crew) was correct and helpful, so I think a "wait and see" stance will work in this instance. I don't mind undoing a small amount of incorrect stuff once in a while, but if it gets too much or too often, we can do something about it then.

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    • Sounds good to me

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    • A FANDOM user
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