• Hi,

    Just wanted to ask, when editing a page to add a ship infobox is there a way to place the already created infobox rather than filling in the same info over and over?

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    • Here's how we've set up the ship pages:

      1) Create the "Infobox:Ship Name" page.  Insert and fill out an infobox.

      2) Create the "Ship Name" page.  Include the Infobox page with this line in Edit Source mode:

      {{:Infobox:Ship Name}}

      So if you were doing this on the T-65 X-Wing page, to include the Infobox:T-65 X-Wing page you'd paste this line:

      {{:Infobox:T-65 X-Wing}}

      Same applies to pilots like Luke Skywalker.

      We did it this way so the ship's infobox is only ever filled out once, no matter how many pages need to display it.  If we need to change the info on a ship, we do it in one place and all pages showing that ship infobox update automatically.  One point of control is really powerful!  ^_^

      I hope that helps!

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    • Okay that's great info. As it stands the punished, defender and aggressor pilots i created yesterday are not attached to their respective ship infoboxes.

      Will use this process going forwards, thanks.

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    • I've updated the Sienar Specialist with the premade infobox, so you can use that one as a template.

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    • @TheAluminumMan: Thank YOU for joining to help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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