FANDOM wrote: I'm pretty new so I was just wondering if I should hold out for the 2.0 models of those expansions or just buy the 1.0 editions ???

I would suggest always buying 2.0 edition ships if you can. They are ready to go immediately and don't have any extra stuff you don't need. It's easiest, quickest and the least hassle. But because FFG isn't giving us much info on future releases, you might end up waiting a long time for a particular ship to be released in 2.0.

If you wanted to buy the 1.0 edition ships, you would (eventually) want to buy a conversion kit for the faction the ship is in. Buying a conversion kit for one ship or a small number of ships might not be very cost effective and I wouldn't recommend it to a new player... Unless that was the only way to get a ship you really like. :)

That being said, buying a conversion kit and then buying 1.0 edition ships to fill it out is a perfectly good way to fill out a faction. It just takes a bit of hunting for the ships.

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