X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

Some abilities cause ships to gain, spend, or remove tokens. Tokens are used to track effects and come in a variety of colors.

  • When a ship is instructed to gain a token, a token from the supply is placed in the play area next to the ship.
  • When a ship is instructed to spend a token or there is an instruction to remove a token from a ship, a token of that type is returned from that ship to the supply.
  • When a ship is instructed to transfer a token to another ship, it is removed from that ship and assigned to the other ship.
    • If a ship involved in a transfer is not able to remove or gain the token involved, the transfer cannot take place.

Token Colors and Shapes

To help with memory, the token’s color and shape indicates both when the token is removed and whether the effect is positive or negative.

  • Green and orange tokens are removed during the End Phase. These tokens are both circular.
  • Blue and red tokens have special criteria for when they can be removed or spent. These tokens are diamond shaped.


  • The physical position of a token in the play area does not provide any effect and is merely representational of belonging to the ship.

Green Tokens

These tokens tend to be assigned by taking a specific action, but other effects can grant them as well.

Calculate Green Circular
Evade Green Circular
Focus Green Circular
Reinforce Green Circular

Orange Tokens

Orange tokens generally have negative effects (though Tractor is more nuanced). These are assigned by actions, weapons, and various abilities.

Disarm Orange Circular
Jam Orange Circular
Tractor Orange Circular

Red Tokens

Red tokens have negative effects. These are assigned by actions, weapons, and various abilities.

Deplete Red Diamond
Ion Red Diamond
Lock Red Diamond
Strain Red Diamond
Stress Red Diamond

Blue Tokens

Blue tokens have generally positive (though complex) effects. The only example at this time is Cloak, which is assigned by action or sometimes an ability.

Cloak Blue Diamond


Markers are distinct from tokens in function, but are listed here for convenience. A marker does not count as a token. Markers help to track information like identifying ships with a number, tracking the shields left on a ship and charges on a card, to mark the status of a ship or other object, etc.