X-Wing Miniatures: Second Edition Wiki

I'm the owner of this wiki and one of its admins. I'm loving second edition and I'm happy with how it's polished and improved the game. We have a great team here who is helping to grow and maintain the wiki, and I encourage people who want to contribute to do so!

We here at X-Wing Miniatures are happy to answer questions and help you with things like fleet construction, rules questions, and exploring the game. We mostly try to keep things nominally on-topic just so we have less to manage. The FFG Forums are a great place for more general discussion, like which movies you like or dislike.

We very much welcome help in improving the wiki, correcting mistakes, and adding helpful info. If you see a mistake, please fix it! If you notice errata missing, please add it. And thank you for your help! We all work together to improve the wiki for each other's benefit -- what Fandom/Wikia is all about. I also welcome you to create an account so we know you by name -- it's way easier to give people credit for their help and to develop friendships when there's a name to the comments and edits.

Admin Rules

Or, "How I Approach Being an Admin"

My main goal here is to provide useful information, either by answering questions in the comments or by adding info to articles. I also try to make sure the wiki is a safe space, free of toxicity. I try to keep it on-topic and free of spam, so people looking for help can find it. I'm not the only admin here, but I do like to be transparent about what behaviors I and other admins encourage (earnest questions and edits) vs discourage (flame wars, anger, abuse, spam).

When you edit an article, please make sure you're following the page design of other related articles (e.g. don't wildly rearrange a pilot page and remove the infobox, etc).

I tend to be hands-off because I don't want to curb people's enthusiasm. I prefer to edit a contribution, not revert it, and I welcome healthy discussion. Occasionally I have to get more involved though; experience has taught me when to step in and wield my admin powers more judiciously.

Managing Discussions, Editing & Deleting Comments

As an admin I spend a lot of my time here answering questions, and occasionally fixing pages or adding info. I also occasionally have to delete or edit comments, tell people to stop arguing, and otherwise be an obnoxious dad, and that can generate ire. I don't like to be such a stern admin, but occasionally it's necessary, especially when people get into arguments or have their ego on the line. Or it's a spam bot. But spam bots don't have feelings. We hope.

What will get your comment edited or deleted:

  • Abusive behavior
  • Serious profanity
  • Spam
  • Off-Topic or Intractable: e.g. Not taking a rules argument to the FFG Rules Forum when instructed to do so by an admin (or refusing to take a non-game-related discussion, e.g. about the plot of the movies, to Wookieepedia, etc).
  • Belligerence: Not ending an argument and moving on when instructed to do so by an admin
  • Other violations of the Fandom terms of service

Arguments that go on too long or that are off-topic are something I try to shut down and offload to FFG's doorstep or some other relevant place. There are certain things we just can't solve on this wiki, like intractable rules questions or someone's very, very angry opinions about specific movies or characters. Once things look like I need to intervene, I'll issue one warning, and then if necessary, I'll start removing comments or taking other measures (like suspensions) to break up the fight or get a user to move on in life.

Why Rules Arguments?

Moving rules arguments off of the wiki may sound weird, since they're on-topic and understanding the rules is a big reason people come here. But there's several reasons why I've taken to shoving rules wars to FFG's forums instead:

  • Once they become intractable (we can't solve the argument), there's nothing more to do but argue, and so people continue to argue.
    • The war is unproductive and it tends to impotently fill lots of space, both on the article and in our activity feed. This makes it harder for us admins to find & answer other questions, and for other people to find the help they need on other matters.
    • FFG's rules forums are filled with 12-page threads about the fine details of various sophistic rules interpretations that go nowhere, and the personal insults go on for pages too.
    • I want none of that here, so I send it to FFG.
  • Arguments that don't end eventually become toxic, and we don't want that toxicity here. Put it on FFG's doorstep.
  • Nothing that happens here is seen by FFG. They don't check the wiki, so talking about it here won't change anything.
  • We're not interested in you winning the argument -- our goal as admins is to answer questions and help people who we can help. Linguistic conquest, passionate warfare, and munchkin victories are best pursued on FFG's territory; we have little time or tolerance for it here.  ;)

More off-topic arguments and flame wars (e.g. about movie plot) have all the same problems, while also being off-topic. So they get the same treatment.

We admins devote a lot of time and energy to maintaining the wiki, and it's very disheartening when a page or our activity feed is getting completely consumed by a toxic argument, or a page's comments are filled with off-topic battles and insults instead of helpful stuff about this game. This isn't the place for that -- take it to FFG instead.

Once an admin determines a discussion has run its course or doesn't belong, but it's still going, they'll instruct those involved to take it to the FFG Forums instead. Not following that instruction can result in deleted posts or suspensions.

Profanity and Abusive Behavior

Please keep your language clean -- this is a very mixed site, often including young children who are interested in the game. And plenty of people who are not interested in F-Bombs etc.

If someone swears and I just need to censor that, sometimes I'll edit the comment to remove it instead of outright deleting the comment. But I'm not your mother -- don't rely on me to fix your posts or I will stop being so nice. Once is an accident, twice is a pattern.

And finally, the golden rule that dominates most everything else... Remember that other human beings are reading what you write, so keep it appropriate for public consumption. I don't mind hell or damn, but F-bombs and other serious profanity, and especially attacking someone in cowardly ways like insulting their sexuality or race, are out of line.

Yes, that includes attacking fictional characters -- toxic behavior like woman-hating or raging against someone's skin color doesn't become appropriate just because they're a fictional character. I will delete your post or, if necessary, suspend your account to curb the behavior. If that enrages you, if you think I'm out of line pushing these rules onto you, if you're absolutely sure I'm abusing my admin powers, take it up with my bosses at Fandom.

Suspensions and Bans

I occasionally suspend, and very rarely ban accounts. I prefer to give people a suspension, simply putting them in a time-out for a few days to cool off. That almost always works, and frankly most people are relieved when admins break up the fight and give everyone space to cool down.

Outright bans are usually for spam accounts; I don't think I've ever had to completely ban a real person from this wiki just for misbehaving. People tend to cool off, move on, shake it off and go back to normal discussion, and we're happy to welcome them back. Others leave and don't come back, preferring Reddit or the FFG Forums, and that's fine too.

It's extremely rare that someone simply refuses to change their behavior and keeps coming back for a fight... That usually indicates something is seriously psychologically wrong, and I'm not qualified to diagnose or treat them -- I'm just here to keep things nice. When it comes to that, I'll simply ban the account.

What generates a suspension or sometimes even a ban:

  • Refusing to stop an argument
  • Refusing to end or move a discussion when instructed to do so
  • Any other rage that looks like you need a time-out to let you cool your head
  • Other belligerent or back-handed behavior: it's up to the admin to make a judgement
  • Abusive, cowardly behavior like attacking someone's gender, race, etc, or other bullying or toxic behaviors we feel need to be curbed or blocked.
  • Spam (spam accounts usually get banned, not suspended, because spam bots don't have an off button)

If you get suspended, please take that time to distance yourself from what was getting you heated. I welcome you to return after the suspension, as long as you don't continue the behavior that triggered it. I don't think most people are bad, and I don't want to vilify anyone for one bad day or for losing their cool over a game they're passionate about. Take that deep breath and let the issue go, and come back and join us in talking about the game we all love.

Ship and Card Storage

I have a document listing my giant collection here, for those who are interested (I generally try to keep it up-to-date but I often forget).

I play 1 - 2 days a week, and rarely go to tournaments (I much prefer casual play). On occasion I like to think I'm even good at the game.  ;)

Box 'o Doom. This thing's really improved the strength in my legs and back, just from hauling it around.

People often ask how I store my stuff or want ideas for how to store theirs, so here's a few handy pictures.

Important: put stickers on lid

This container holds bases, dials, damage deck, movement templates and range rulers, and odds & ends.

Tokens and markers (shields, locks, etc) are stored in a small pill box I can take to the table with me.

The small (and some medium) ships are stored with their components. I have four of these containers: Rebel, Empire, Scum, and one container for the rest.

Large ships are stored in the bottom, separated from each other with paper towels or bubble wrap etc.

Large and medium ships, and their components in little bags to make sure they don't scatter everywhere.

It doesn't look like much, but it keeps ships from breaking, and makes sure everything is easy to find, so it's working better than more organized methods I've tried to use in the past.

Top of my card box. I covered it in lots of clear boxing tape to make sure it'd stay durable; otherwise cardboard likes to powderize. And under the tape? I cut the pictures off of conversion kits and expansions.

Pilots are stored by faction, ordered by ship name (alphabetically) and then initiative. Upgrades are stored alphabetically. The left and right side store extra, unsorted cards (to keep the sorted area from becoming unwieldy and bloated).

How I store my epic ships. Just takes 2 containers, which makes storing them at home and transporting them really easy.

I just fit them wherever they'd go. I'm pleased at how well they fit into these containers; it certainly simplified the old storage system from when I bought them used.