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VCX-100 Light Freighter
Wpn Agl Hull Shd
Icon arc standard front4 0 10 4
Icon action focus
Icon action lock
Icon action reinforce
Size L • Size large
Upgrade Slots
Upgrade sensorUpgrade turretUpgrade torpedoUpgrade crewUpgrade crewUpgrade gunnerUpgrade modificationUpgrade title
Ship Ability
Tail Gun: When you have a docked ship, you have a primary Icon arc standard back weapon with an attack value equal to your docked ship's primary Icon arc standard front attack value.
Dial Code
Maneuver Chart
Maneuver vcx-100

The VCX-100 light freighter was one of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's freighter designs. A most notable example of this model was the Ghost, a modified VCX-100. read more

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